Fast Track

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Once a leader has completed Getting Started, they move on to completing all the training relevant to their role. Once training has been validated a Wood Badge will be awarded. The Wood Badge is the internationally recognised Scouting training insignia awarded to adults by Headquarters to denote completion of the training required for their role. The Wood Badge consists of two wooden beads threaded onto a leather thong which is worn with Scout uniform. An adult is required to complete their Wood Badge within three years of their full appointment. If a learner has not completed their Wood Badge within three years of the issue of their full appointment, the appointment

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may be cancelled by the relevant Commissioner, acting together with the Appointments Advisory Committee. Where it is agreed that there are genuine extenuating circumstances the time period may be extended by up to two years. It may only be extended once.


In GMN we run all the modules needed to gain a Wood badge on our 'Fast Track Courses' which are currently run over four days.