Meet the County Training Team


Rob Partington (Paddy)

Deputy County Commissioner (Training)

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My Scouting experience began as an 8 year old when I first joined my local Cub Pack, and I've never left! Since then I've been a Scout, a Venture Scout, Scout Leader, ADC Scouts, District Commissioner and now DCC Training. I still claims that DCC is my secondary role, my main role in Scouting is still being Explorer Leader at Royton ESU in Oldham Borough District. I’m also active in the County Climbing Active Support Unit.


My professional background is in Primary Education and these days I spend part of my week as a Headteacher of a large Manchester Primary School and part of my week running my own training and consultancy business.


When not working or Scouting I am an avid Climber and Mountaineer, something I was introduced to in Scouts, which has led me to the top of many of Europes highest mountains and to places as far away as Kyrgystan. Passing on my passion for; the outdoors, travelling, meeting new people, including everyone and passing on #skillsforlife, to our awesome young people is for me the joy of Scouting, a pleasure and a priveledge.

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Pat Farr

County Training Manager

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GMN is very focused on young people's adventure and fun and I really enjoy working with adults, knowing that the adult training will support their skills andk nowledge and in turn that will help young people grow and achieve.

I moved up North from Oxfordshire at the beginning of 2019 - I had been Deputy CC (adult Support) and the CTM in Oxfordshire, plus a range of other Scouting roles from my London roots (you will be able to tell by the accent).

I spent a few years at Gilwell running Advanced Wood Badge Courses (as they were known) and was part of the national team writing a modular programme for GSLs. and Commissioners (new at the time).  I took on the role of setting up and development the Resource Centre now known as the Info Centre. 


After that I spent some time working for Guide Dogs and particularly developing new media, digital and electronic support for visually impaired people.

Thanks to Covid-19 we all can't wait to get back to face to face Scouting again and the online courses we are delivering, advertised on this website, are a great attempt to keep you updated and ready to restart the great game of Scouting.

Do say hello when we meet up!”

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Stacey White

Course Administrator

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My Scouting experience began before I was born, as my parents met through Scouting many many years ago.  I went on my first camp when I was just 6 weeks old and my Scouting life hasn’t stopped since.


My everyday Scouting role is that of Scout Leader at Ainsworth Scout Group, in Prestwich, Radcliffe and Whitefield District.  I enjoy running the troop and planning events that give the young people the opportunity to partake in activities that they would otherwise not be able to do.


Every two years I take the Scouts and Explorers on an International trip, 2017 saw us travel to Spain and 2019 we traveled to Switzerland in August for 10 days of adventure.  I have my fingers crossed that our planned trip to Austria in July/August 2022 can still go ahead.


Like most volunteers I have to work to pay for my Scouting.  My job is with the National Crime Agency, I could tell you more but then I would have to kill you tee hee!


Outside of work and Scouting, I love spending time with friends and family during which time we are usually planning our next Scouting adventure 😊