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Meet the Local Training Managers

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Each District has a Local Training Manager who manages a team of Training Advisers, who in turn support Scouters to complete and stay up to date with any training that is needed. Find out about your Local training Manager below!

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Steve Gehlhaar

Local Training Manager - Bury and Ramsbottom District

Email address:


I was never a cub or scout as a youngster but, like many parents before me, I became a helper when "someone was needed to help with the cub football."   Within a year I had my uniform and spent the next 7 years at 2nd Ramsbottom (St Paul & St John) as a Cub Leader and then another 5 years there as Scout Leader.  I was lucky to have many wonderful adventures with the youngsters and couldn't have wished to have learned from and camped with such a marvellous bunch of leaders in my own group and across Ramsbottom. 


I still hold a 100% record for non-stop sideways rain at each camp at Bowley. Centenary celebrations in Ramsbottom and at Bibby's (we were "Camp Alberta") - through many "big art attacks" I tried at district camps - to "Bear Day", are some standout memories for me.  My many last places in the annual MM Challenge take pride of place, too.  However, nothing has made me prouder than seeing the young people I have helped achieve their silver and gold awards.


When my working life changed, I had to step back from being a full time leader but had been a Local Training Manager in Ramsbottom for a few years and was asked to keep the role when Ramsbottom and Bury merged.   This has given me the chance to visit and see many more groups across B&R and I can inflict my bad jokes on a much wider audience.  I now enjoy seeing adults achieve their Wood Badges as much as the achievements and triumphs of the youngsters before them.   

My "hour a week" is often spent in Compass.    Good job I like administration so much!

Keith Williams

Local Training Manager - Pennine District

Email address:


I began my Scouting as a Wolf Cub in 1955. At the time I lived and grew up in Kendal, as a member of the 1st Kendal group, moving through Scouts and Senior Scouts leaving in 1965 at the age of 18. The group was lucky to have the whole of the Lake District on its doorstep in which to enjoy lots of camping, walking and other outdoor activities

I left Scouting as a youth member coinciding with the end of school, having gained the Queens Scout and D of E awards. I then pursued a college course in Civil Engineering and subsequently worked in various locations in London and Manchester, before settling in Middleton in 1973.


In 1976, and now with a young family, I responded to a flyer through the letter box, requesting help with local scouting. I held roles as an Assistant Cub Scout leader, Scout Leader & ADC(CS), and from 2003 to 2013, I was the DC for Middleton.


In 2014, the GMN reorganisation of districts created 6 new districts and I became the Local Training Manager for the ‘new’ Pennine District – the role I currently hold today. Since that time, I have actively supported the training courses currently on offer within the County, particularly the Wood badge courses.


“It’s great to see how the current training team has successfully improved the offer for our adult volunteers, and the number of leaders that have already benefited from this. Long may this continue

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Peter North

Local Training Manager - PRaWs District

Email address:


Peter was never a Cub or Scout.  He started his Scouting career as member of a Group Executive and then became a Leader, doing both to support his boys.


He then became Adviser (Special Needs), probably as he was an eye specialist with a particular interest in children's eye problems.


In his time in Scouting, Peter has also been  a District Commissioner and developed an interest in supporting new Leaders in their training.


More recently he became a Group Scout Leader as he relished the closer association with our youth members.


Peter is also Manager of the Anglican Fellowship in Scouting and Guiding, a National Active Support Unit.


Peter feels having a variety of appointments gives him a broader view of Scouting which helps him relate to and understand some of the difficulties new Leaders may experience.

Andy Edwards (Eddie)

Local Training Manager - Oldham Borough District

Email address:


I began Scouting when I was 6 in Beavers in Chadderton, I then went on to be a Cub Scout, a Scout & a Venture Scout. During Ventures the sections changed and I became part of the new Scout Network section. It was here that I first got involved with the County and became the Young Person’s Rep for the County on the County Exec, Chairman of the County Network, and the rep to the National Team for Young People.

I have been in various roles during my adult life in Scouting, from Scout Leader, Assistant Explorer Leader, Local Training Manager, County Scout Network Commissioner, as well as serving on District and County Exec Committees.

Scouting has led me to some fantastic places, I have been involved in planning and attending international trips to Luxemburg, Switzerland, South Africa, China & Mongolia. Meeting new Scouts from across the world and making friendships that last a lifetime.

Scouting is an amazing movement, the people you meet are wonderful, fantastic, caring and supportive. I am proud to be a member.


Helen Dickinson

Local Training Manager - Bolton Moorland

Email address:


I joined Scouting in 1982 as a young helper with Cubs, as part of the 13th Bebington Scout Group in Bromborough on the Wirral. I did voluntary work as part of the service section of my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. I loved it from the very start and had a fabulous team of leaders who guided and taught me well. I did my Basic training (as it was called in those days) with them and then when I went to Nottingham University to study Spanish and French, I worked with the 15th Nottingham Scout Group and did my Advanced training at Walesby Scout Camp. Scouting has always been something that has helped me to make new friends when I have moved from one place to another; people are quick to welcome me into their Scouting family and make me feel at home. It also prompted me to train as a teacher and I began working in Bolton, again using Scouting as a way to settle and make contacts with people locally.

I joined 16th Bolton Scout Group in 1992 as an assistant Cub Leader and shortly afterwards took over leading the Cub section and then took on the role of Group Scout Leader a few years later. I have served on District Executive committees and represented Cubs at GMN County level. Scouting has a unique and magical formula to offer youngsters, giving them the opportunity to have fun and adventure, make friends and learn useful skills which will serve them for life. In order to do this, we need to enable adults to make Scouting happen and I really enjoy working with people, helping them to acquire the knowledge and skills that they need in order to offer the Scouting journey to as many young people as possible.

Sarah Griffiths

Local Training Manager - Bolton South with Farnworth


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