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Wood Badge Training

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The Wood Badge is the internationally recognised Scouting training insignia awarded to adults by Headquarters to denote the completion of the training required for their role.  The Wood Badge consists of two wooden beads threaded onto a leather thong which is worn with the Scout Uniform.

The role you undertake dictates whether you are required to complete your Wood Badge.  This training should be undertaken within three years of achieving your full appointment.  Please check whether your role needs you to complete the training, some of you don't!!!


To achieve your Wood Badge you need to complete both Part 1 and Part 2 of the training shown on this website.  (You must have already completed the Getting Started elements of the training prior to undertaking the Wood Badge Training)

Part 1 is the face to face training.

Part 2 is now completed by either e-learning or workbook.

In 2024 we will be running the face to face training in a modular format.  This may change once the new leadership training details are confirmed following transformation.

However, we have taken into account the fact that a lot of you cannot commit to 2 full days to complete the training, therefore we have started to do evening Modular courses.

Please click on the below buttons to find out more about the different ways to complete this training

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