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County HQ

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For those who haven't visited the County HQ before, the address is GMN HQ, 380 Rochdale Road, Middleton M24 2ST. 


The post code should lead you right to us. 


The HQ is next to Cardinal & Langley High School.  If you are approaching from the M60/Middleton, the HQ is on your right just before the School. 


If you are coming from the A627M/Rochdale it is on your left after the School.


If you do end up in the School, don't worry we can park in the front car park.  There is a path that leads to our HQ, just do not go past the front car park of the School as they have electronic gates and you could get locked in - we do not have access to this car park.

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County HQ and Cardinal.JPG
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